Fear Draws Negativity In To Our Circle

Fear in other words is pessimism. A negative thought that a particular deed is not going to be fruitful creates fear. All of us have this deep-rooted fear with in us which acts as the root cause of failure. So in order to crown ourselves with ‘Success’, we need to let go of this fear to the optimum level.

From things simple to complex, we encourage fear to reside in our Hearts which are meant to be filled with peace, happiness and courage. For instance, we want to go for a motion picture and we fear we might not get tickets. When we plan to go on a particular train or bus, we fear we might not reach on time. When we go to School to give a test we fear we might not do well or succeed. It is the same with regards to job interviews. So somewhere or the other, fear follows us like shadow at some time in our lives. Cool shadow is liked but not shadow of fear which haunts us at all times. We might think as to what misfortune fear brings upon us. Fear is capable of breaking our fortune too.

When we fear something bad would happen, the feeling which was created due to fear draws that negative energy into our circle and converts our fear into a possibility. A possibility which we fear should not happen will happen only because of our fear. What ever we think good or bad, that thought takes form in practicality. When a person keeps on fearing he might get involved in an accident, it only means he is drawing that energy into himself and in fact he is the one who is making it happen unknowingly just by his thought. So, instead of fearing and saying you might fail in an examination, start thinking you will pass for sure in the examination. Though you have a doubt that you will fail, just by uttering those words with feeling, you will make it happen because thought always takes form. Thought has unimaginable power. There are innumerable experiences involved in this one proverb, ‘As you think, so you become.’ So instead of thinking negatively, start thinking positively. There is nothing wrong in saying good which will in fact draw that positive energy into your circle and will make it happen.

Here comes a necessity to stop fearing and start filling that fear with courage. If you fear any person and you are just unable to avoid that fear despite trying all the methods possible, do not panic. There is one more method. Though you have fear for that person or thing, do not express it. Keep it within yourself. When there is no expression of fear, no person will dare to knock you down mentally or physically. Act brave though you have fear at heart. It will not harm anyone and above all you cannot be harmed by anyone. No one dares to provoke a courageous person. If you are scared, even a child will try to scare you. First stop expressing fear which in fact stops the flow of negative energy at least to a certain extent. Next slowly start to let go of that fear from your heart. Every act will be a success to a fearless heart. Procrastination is the universal language of the poor. So why delay, start attacking fear right now.

“Fear the fear away; let not fear dare to fear you.” – Sharmila Sanka

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Beauty: Inner, Outer

Heart is filled with happiness when it sees or feels something beautiful. There is magnetic magic in beauty. In general, any person gets attracted by beauty. It might be an object, nature or a person. If a person goes for beautiful object or nature, it will not change that person’s life but if the same goes for a person of beauty, then comes the situation of his or her life being changed.

Regarding binding our lives forever, it is our pleasure and a matter of satisfaction to look for beauty in the other person but it is not always good and healthy to go for outer looks alone. As we often hear the saying, “Beauty is skin deep”, we need to look for inner beauty also. When there is outer beauty, one’s mind is happy. When there is inner beauty one’s soul is happy. Only when there is a balance between these two can there be harmony at a place or between two hearts.

It is not always true that a beautiful person is beautiful at heart too and that there will be peace at home. In the present era, youngsters very easily get infatuated and deceived by outer looks and they go ahead without pausing and they very quickly get married prefixing this term ‘Marriage’ with ‘Love.’ Later when they get used to that beauty, they start looking for inner beauty rather than outer looks. They repent for what they have done without giving much thought. But all this repentance is in vain as they are already bound with another person.

In order to lead a happy life, inner beauty is very important. One can live with a lame or a dumb person. But one cannot lead a happy life with an insensitive and heartless person. For any life to be satisfactory or fulfilling, understanding is essential and primary. So if you plan to marry a person just by getting attracted to that person’s looks, pause a little. Observe his or her qualities, mentality, behaviour for a while and then proceed. Never blindly take important decisions in haste.

Last but not the least, never judge or compare with any person. No one on this earth is perfect. If you see a beautiful person, you think that person is gifted with happiness. If you see a person who is not that beautiful, you tend to feel sorry for that person. But what do you know? She or he might be leading a very happy life though not beautiful. Though a beautiful person, that being’s life might have been a big chaos. So, it is wise to ponder on the truth that true happiness and satisfaction lie in a ‘Heart’ rather than in ‘Skin.’

“For eye-catching beauty, live a Life of Grace.” – Sharmila Sanka

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Who is this Great Being?

There is a word in this world for someone who is selfless, who loves without expectations, who sacrifices life without a second thought, who is the embodiment of forgiveness. Is it God? I can say this person is next to God or someone equal to him as said in the Vedas, Maatru devo bhava.’ The word described above is about a sacred and tender being called Mother.’

Mother’ is the sweetest and adorable word on this earth and it resides in every heart of a being. A mother bears a child not 9 months alone but her entire life, as long as she breathes on this earth. Before she becomes a mother, she devotes her life to her husband but once she is a mother, she gives up her life for her children. A magnificent change takes place in her role from a wife to a mother. She loves her children selflessly; she needs both mental and physical strength, mental balance, forbearance, will power and above all sacrifice to raise her children. It is very difficult to live a peaceful life during this process.

A mother rests only at the sound of the peaceful breath of her child. She smiles at the happiness of her child and cries at the child’s sorrow. Every moment her mind thinks of her child and her heart beats for the same. Her eyelids rest only after the child’s eyelids are closed. She wakes up waiting for her child to open her eyes. Her child’s first steps are hers and the moment her child speaks, her matured language unknowingly twists into a child’s language. Her heart is filled at the fullness of the child’s stomach.

Mother is a giver of life when a situation arises. She has perennial love as that of an ocean. She is a friend who doesn’t compete or let ego sprout up. The moment she thinks of her far away child, tears roll down her cheeks from the pangs of separation. Though she has many children in her presence, she doesn’t stop worrying about the child who is far away from her. Though they are all fruits, every fruit has its own taste and characteristic features. Mother feels the same regarding all her children. Every child is special to her.

The love a mother has for her child is very different than the love child has for its mother. The former is very intense, selfless and forgiving than the latter. A child can understand the depth of a mother’s love only when she becomes a mother. Only then will she know the bareness of life due to separation which hurts all her life.

We take our mother for granted because she is always there for us granting all our wishes. We do not realize her value when we stay together under the same roof but once when we are away from her and start to taste the sweetness of being a mother, it is then we repent for the little mistakes we made and the little sorrow we brought into her happy heart and life. Better late than never. Express your love in a few words at least sometimes in your lives so that you need not have to repent or regret for your past deeds. Speak a few kind and loving words and her heart bubbles with joy and you will feel it in her eyes. Her word of happiness is a blessing. Her blessing is a life long boon to us. Let her happiness crown our lives. Let her take pride in the fulfillment of her expectations towards us. Above all let’s thank the Lord for letting us taste the true love in our lives and in turn pray to Him that a mother may never fail to receive unbounded love all her life.

“Many faults can be seen in any role of a woman but as a mother one cannot see any.”         Sharmila Sanka

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My Sojourn from ‘I know NOT what I lack’ to ‘I know NOW what I lack’

Lord, I have enough money, sufficient food, sense of satisfaction at the mere thought of my family, happiness in the heart, peace in my soul and above all blind devotion of love and trust in you. As a child I thought the above were sufficient to lead a happy and peaceful life. But as years passed, as my experiences reached the rafters of my own self, as my maturity level elevated since step one in the ladder of Life, I realized the above are not just enough to fill a human soul of urge.

My heart sobs when it feels the immeasurable sorrow of the people around me; my logical mind dies when it is helpless to count the inestimable people in distress; my intelligence feels guilty when the education I was imparted can be of no use to lighten the lamp of another being even by an inch; my higher self struggles when it sees my selfish self dictate it.

The moment these eyes see a disaster, they stoop down in helplessness; the moment these ears hear some unpleasant news about any being, not with timidity but with grief they fold themselves in to a bud not wanting to show themselves; the moment my tongue tries to twist to console the beings in tragedy, it gets tightened as it lacks the worthy words capable of bringing back the lost lives of their people. My heart panics and grunts in helplessness when it hears and sees incalculable people who are hungry with no food.

I ask God in what way I can help these beings as I am a single minute drop which cannot quench the hunger of this mighty Ocean of poor and needy. With inability and incompetence I bob with guilt when I fill my stomach with delicious food multiple times in a day. The only solace I feel is to pray to the Lord to fill all the hungry stomachs at my first morsel. Sometimes it becomes hard for me to put myself in others shoes but my inner voice prompts me that this feeling of oneness is humane. I am not happy when the people around me are drowned in sorrow. I have everything but I now know what I lack. I lack the ability to fill the peoples eyes with Happiness and their souls with Peace. My hunger is not quenched when there are many who die of hunger. My wealth doesnt make me rich when there are people enveloped in poverty. I smile from outside but I whimper from within. The one and only way I release this feeling is by saying my prayer to the Lord-

O Lord, I very well know our actions rule every aspect of our Lives but instead why dont you rule us as you have no feeling of thine and mine? Let us realize our mistakes and utilize our boon of discrimination to step away from making mistakes. Let all my fellow beings fill their stomachs to the fullest, let their minds be free of avarice, let their hearts be filled with Content and let their lives be lived in such a way so as to be an offering at your divine lotus feet. My life has sojourned from I know NOT what I lack to I know NOW what I lack. But I am alone and I feel helpless and miserable.

I am a single drop
In the ocean of multiple drops
I can only drip and drop
And sob and log but
Can never jog and hog.

I am a tiny drop
That pops like a top
In a fine pearl shape
But I am a single drop
That lacks to make a mighty crop

“O Lord, I render my life in your hands to be shown the path to Service.” -Sharmila Sanka

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